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Selling Property Privately FAQ  


Q   Can I advertise my home with Hsc Property as well as with an Estate Agent?

A   YES - You can advertise property on this site in addition to your Estate Agents advertising because HSC Property is not an Estate Agent. Either use your Estate  Agents contact details on the advert so that a prospective viewer goes through the Agent Or use your own contact details and sell your property privately. To sell privately you deal with viewers directly until agreeing a selling price and then exchange solicitor details for legal aspects to be dealt with.  


Q   If I sell my property privately will I still have to pay the Estate Agent??

A   If the contract stated 'sole agent' then you can usually sell privately and not owe the full commission to the Agent. They may charge you for advertising or other costs. If the contract states 'sole selling rights' then you will still have to pay the Estate Agent commission in full. Check the contract for any clauses which state that if you sell your own property you still have to pay full fees. Avoid these Agents if you want to sell privately or keep that as an option. More on Estate Agent Contracts




Q   Should I tell my Agent that I have a private property advert?

  Yes. You should give full information to the Estate Agent. If they think you may get your own buyer they should work harder to introduce buyers and support your sale to achieve a commission. 


Q  Why do Estate Agents contracts have a termination of contract notice period?

A   To deter sellers from opting out. No sale no fee remember!  Signing up to a termination notice period prevents you from displaying another Agents board for a number of weeks. However, this does not usually restrict you advertising the property as a private property seller with a HSC Property FOR SALE Board because we are not an Estate Agent. This may vary if your contract was a 'sole agent contract'.


Why sell property privately?

A   Selling privately saves thousands on Estate Agent fees. An Estate Agent usually charges 1 to 2% of the property value. A HSC Property online private property advert does not charge commission. 


Q  Is it easy to sell property privately?

A   If you can talk directly with the viewers, agree a price and exchange solicitor details then you are capable of selling your property privately. When a viewer makes an offer ask their buying position, that is whether they have a home to sell, if they have had a mortgage agreed in principle and whether they have a solicitor standing by. Ask them if they would put these details and their offer in writing to you. If they are serious about proceeding this will not be a problem for them. When you have exchanged solicitors details you may wish to add a note to the property advert stating  under offer or sold subject to contract.. 

Free Guide on selling property - how to choose the best buyer - how to keep the sale proceeding>


Q  When selling privately how do I negotiate a price?

A   An Estate Agent would pass an offer made on to you and pass back your wishes to the prospective buyer. If you sell privately you must talk directly and clearly state your wishes. Our Free Guide gives more advice on negotiating a selling price>  


How do I value my house?

  • Request 3 different valuations from Estate Agents.

  • Research your local area and the properties being sold. 

  • Use can use the internet to do this but be careful of location and other factors that need taking into account.

  • Be aware that some property may be advertised at a high price but may not be selling.  

  • Compare your property and what it has to offer objectively.  Be realistic and look at other local property - would you pay what you are asking!?

  • Use the resources section to check your current property valuation based on the original purchase price with mousecheck which will convert purchase price from the Land Registry to a current valuation based on a number of price indices. 


Q   What are the benefits of a FOR SALE board?

A   Many property sales result from the buyer seeing the SALE board by driving around the area they wish to live. A board will direct viewers to the web site for property details.



Q   How is HSC Property different from services of an Estate Agency?

  • is not an Agent.  

  • HscProperty do not charge commission.   

  • We do not have a contract to sell your house and you can choose to advertise in a number of ways.

  • You can remove the online advert at any time.  

Q   How do I sell my house fast?


To sell your house fast its important to consider all of the following:

  • Check out the advice at  value my house   Being unrealistic for too long can leave your house caught in the trap of looking stale and is off putting to buyers. 

  • Present your home well for a faster sale. Viewers need to feel they could live there. You must present your property well if you want to achieve the best price. View a local show home in your price bracket and ask about cash incentives - you will then know what the competition is! 

  • Consider professional Home Staging advice to achieve maximum buyer appeal and a faster sale.  

  • Find the buyer in the best buying position, know how to conduct a viewing and be involved in progressing the sale.

  • Use a FOR SALE board to attract the attention of local people or potential buyers driving the area.

  • Get your property seen in as many places as possible - eg local shop windows.

  • If you don't get viewers to the front door there is no chance of a faster sale. Look at your property photos on your online advert or estate agent blurb as if you were a would be purchaser. Do the images do the property justice? Ensure that you have the best property photography. 

  •  Check in with your Estate Agent regularly and ask what they are doing to actively promote the sale of your house. 


Q   What should I include in my advert details?


A   The online form will guide you through the detail required but try to include:

  • Property type: eg large Edwardian terrace/ detached modern family home/ semi-detached/bungalow/1st floor flat etc

  • Features of interest to buyers: eg 'A well equipped modern open plan kitchen'

  • Number and types of rooms inc conservatory etc

  • Room sizes

  • Features of garden - large/small/low maintenance etc.

  • Any particular features of interest - eg period features inc original fireplaces

  • Heating type.

  • Garage and parking options. Parking space allocated /roadside parking/off road driveway.

  • Local facilities - schools, transport, countryside, amenities etc

  • Write the details in a word document if possible to read and edit before copying and pasting into the advert fields. 

  • Be as accurate and factual as possible. Property advertising is controlled by the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 and vendors selling their own property should make all attempts to comply with this and not mislead the buyer. For further information on the property misdescriptions act see external web link.

Q  How do I take best property photographs?

  • Take digital photographs on a bright day

  • Turn on all lights; ceiling, lamps and spots.

  • Stand well back for inside shots

  • Take a number of photographs and select the best shots

  • Use a wide angled lens where at all possible for internal shots

  • If at all in doubt request the HSC Property photography service

Q   What is Home Staging?

  • First impressions really do count and Home Staging - House Doctor work - or property presentation can make sure that your home gives a great first impression.  

  • Buyers are influenced by many factors which our Home Staging Consultant can offer expert and impartial advice on.  

  • It ensures that the property gives a sense of style and helps the buyer to feel that they could live there. 

  • Home Staging ensures that the home caters to the expected market.  

  • It can include minor changes such as declutter, spring cleaning, layout and dressing a room with appropriate accessories or changes to decoration or contents.  

  • All property will benefit from some changes to make it more appealing to viewers and will enable your home to compete more effectively with local competition and local new build homes!

  • Home Staging will ensure that the property sale will achieve its best possible asking price in the local market conditions.

  • For more details see   House Wow Ltd  











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