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How to lower the cost of your contents insurance

How to Lower The Cost Of Your Contents Insurance?


Whether you own your own home or whether you are renting a property, content insurance is vital if you want to insure your treasured items against damage and theft. Many people tend to forget or believe they donít need contents insurance, believing buildings insurance to be sufficient. But what happens if your house becomes flooded, or worse still, burns down? You might have money from your insurer to pay for repairs or a rebuild, but how to you go about replacing all your possessions that took years to amass, all in one go without contents insurance? The short answer is, you canít.



Interestingly, contents insurance policies are actually quite flexible. You have a large amount of control over the price depending on the value of your possessions, the risk you pose to your insurer and the amount you are willing to pay towards a claim. Here are five ways you can easily lower the cost of your contents insurance premium.


Pay annually

Paying monthly may be more convenient for you, but itís not more convenient for your insurer and there will therefore factor in some level of interest into your monthly payments. This mean over the course of a year you could end up paying as much as 10% for your contents insurance policy by monthly direct debit than if you had just paid in one lump sum at the start of the year. 


Lower your risk

By installing a NACOSS approved burglar alarm and joining your local branch of neighbourhood watch you can lower your insurance by around 10%. Insurers see you as a lower risk as you have less chance of being burgled and can thus offer you a lower premium. 


Buy online

Because of the lower overhead costs incurred by the insurer, chances are you will get a discount for buying the premium online versus over the phone. This can represent a saving of up to 20% on conventional methods. 


Donít claim

If you donít claim you can start accruing a no-claims bonus. When you look for a new insurer check with no-claims bonus rate they offer. If you have been claims free for five years or more you can save over 50% on your insurance. 


Contribute more

You have to pay a contribution towards every claim; this is known as the excess. The more you are willing to pay towards every claim the lower your insurance policy. This is because your insurer incurs lower costs when they receive a claim from you. 







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